Aluminator Water Taxi, Inc.
34' x 12' high speed aluminum landing craft available for charter from Seattle, Washington   (206) 571-3273

Watch this Laseod Video ( showing how Commercial divers from Laseod and Sky Research used the Aluminator to locate unexploded munitions in Elliott Bay!

Aluminator is a 34' x12' high speed aluminum landing craft available for charter from the Seattle, Washington area. This sturdy vessel is both a first class workboat and also a well equipped passenger vessel.

For passengers, Aluminator has a fully enclosed heated cabin enabling year-round travel and an enclosed head compartment.

For scuba divers, Aluminator has a dive ladder mounted on the bow door as well as two side access doors, easing entry and exit to the water. There are custom dive benches to make it easy to get into (and out of) your dive gear.

For cargo, Aluminator has a large forward deck, and an aluminum walk ramp that extends to shore for easy loading of cargo and equipment.

Whether your destination is a dock, another vessel, a dive site, or a point on shore, Aluminator can get you there safely and on time. Aluminator can load passengers and cargo at any dock or launch ramp.

Forward cargo area holds up to six (6) standard (40" x 48") pallets
Up to 6 passengers (in addition to crew)

Top speed 36-38 knots
Cruising speed 28-30 knots

Contact Information:
Capt. Howie Dickerman
Phone: (206) 571-3273

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